Capital Campaign Resources


General Help

  • Free 45-minute call with a campaign expert
  • Get answers to all your burning questions
  • Absolutely no strings attached
  • A complete campaign checklist and guide
  • Break your campaign down into manageable steps
  • 7 campaign phases explained in full detail
  • A complete overview of capital campaigns
  • Get a handle on capital campaign basics
  • Understand the capital campaign timeline
  • Find out how prepared your organization really is
  • Learn about your weaknesses and strengths
  • Identify areas for improvement before your campaign
  • Learn how prepared your development office is
  • Take a closer look your office’s capacity
  • Evaluate your office’s readiness in 17 critical areas
  • Find out if your systems can handle a campaign
  • Learn what technology you’ll need for your campaign
  • Discover what to improve BEFORE your campaign starts
  • Weekly discussions about capital campaigns
  • Common campaign questions answered by experts
  • Listen through your favorite app, anywhere, anytime
  • Learn the essential terms of capital campaigns
  • Get answers to many campaign questions
  • Questions organized into user-friendly categories

Help in Uncertain Times

  • Weekly townhall-style sessions to navigate the crisis
  • Motivation and encouragement to help you cope
  • Timely updates about the nonprofit sector
  • Resetting your strategy following COVID-19
  • Thinking outside-the-box to guide your nonprofit
  • How to create lasting resiliency for your organization
  • Practical advice to keep in touch with donors
  • How to deal with economic instability
  • Ways to continue fundraising through a crisis
  • Library of strategies to help your team handle the Covid-19 crisis
  • Answers to key questions related to the crisis
  • Expert advice to guide your organization through

Board Readiness

  • Roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Learn to engage board member in your campaign
  • Share this PDF eBook with your entire board
  • Find out if your board members are up to snuff
  • Identify strengths and weakness of your board
  • Quick assessment; takes less than 10 minutes
  • Library of resources on all board readiness
  • Articles to answer your board-related questions
  • Best practices to guide your board through a campaign
  • Spell out board member roles and responsibilities
  • Play this informative video at a board meeting
  • Share link with board members to view at home

Feasibility Study

  • Understand why a study is mission-critical
  • Identify different feasibility study options
  • Learn to engage donors through your study
  • Utilize a study that will engage potential donors
  • Talk directly with to your best campaign donors
  • Discover how to save money and raise bigger gifts early on
  • Identify necessary materials for your study
  • Stay organized with a single checklist
  • Be confident about what to share with donors
  • Choose the best feasibility study method for your campaign
  • Compare different feasibility study methods
  • Get your campaign started off on the right foot

Campaign Planning

  • Learn how and when to use campaign committees
  • Use your committees to engage donors
  • Identify short and long term volunteer opportunities
  • Library of resources on campaign planning
  • Articles that address your planning questions
  • Learn from campaign experts and best practices
  • Calculate how many gifts you need
  • Determine what size gifts (amounts) you need
  • Learn how many donors you will need to succeed
  • Determine whether you need to hire new staff
  • Identify who you should hire and why
  • Figure out who is responsible for what tasks

Quiet Phase

  • Library of resources on raising early dollars
  • Find articles about leadership level gifts
  • Learn from campaign experts and best practices
  • Ready-to-use sample pledge forms and language
  • Quick and easy template; just add your own logo
  • Accept multi-year pledges from capital campaign donors
  • Leverage volunteers who are critical to your success
  • Provide job descriptions, expectations and more
  • Ready-to-use handbook; just add your own logo
  • Comprehensive 3-hour solicitation training retreat agenda
  • Proven solicitation training exercises and activities
  • Train your volunteers without hiring a facilitator

Public Phase

  • Library of resources for engaging volunteers and donors
  • Learn how to prevent annual fund sabotage
  • Learn from campaign experts and best practices
  • Learn how to engage the wider community
  • Engage an army corps of volunteer solicitors
  • Develop a communications plan for the final stretch
  • Identify strategies to close the gap to the goal
  • Learn ways to reengage your biggest donors
  • Discover how to finish your campaign with a bang
  • Learn exactly how to close pending lead gifts
  • Let campaign experts teach you how to close like a pro
  • Close your campaign strong by ending with bigger gifts

There are even more tools available inside the Capital Campaign Toolkit.
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