What’s the Real Potential of Your Campaign?

With a Guided Feasibility Study, you can find out by talking directly to your biggest donors.

Watch this 5-minute video to discover how a Guided Feasibility Study brings you closer to your donors.

Guided Feasibility Studies

Having open conversations with your donors is the most important part of any feasibility study. Those conversations work best between you and your donors.

So why trust an outside consultant — someone your donors don’t even know — to have those sensitive conversations?

Unlike a standard feasibility study, a Guided Feasibility Study allows you step into the driver’s seat and speak directly with your most important donors. You’ll ask them for their honest feedback about your plans, and they’ll feel good knowing that you looked to them for advice.

Executive Fundraising Coaching
Carol Wishcamper

Three consultants recently interviewed me for capital campaign feasibility studies. Honestly, I would have preferred to speak directly to the Directors. I’d be happy to tell them what I think. The Guided Feasibility Study model is good for organizations and it’s good for donors like me!

Carol Wishcamper

Campaign Chair and Philanthropist

How Guided Feasibility Studies Work

1. Preparation

You’ll work with a Toolkit Advisor who will help you get ready:

  • Select the donors with whom you should speak.
  • Request and schedule donor meetings.
  • Develop a discussion guide for your donor conversations.

2. Training

Your Toolkit Advisor will prep you to conduct the interviews:

  • Practice the flow of the conversations.
  • Learn essential skills for conducting open conversations.
  • Frame questions to draw open and honest responses.
  • Capture the information in a useful format.

3. Reporting

Once the donor interviews are complete, you’ll:

  • Review the collated results with your Toolkit Advisor.
  • Work with your Toolkit Advisor to analyze the material.
  • Prepare a detailed report for your board.

You and your Toolkit Advisor will co-present the final report to your board, so they will have full confidence in the results.

Guided Feasibility Studies give you the best of all worlds…

  • Structured time for serious conversations with your largest donors.
  • Unbiased information about how much you can raise.
  • A fully transparent process in which you find out what your donors think.
  • Recommendations your board can believe in.
  • An approach that’s a fraction of the cost of a traditional feasibility study.

You get the training and materials you need to have personal, insightful conversations with your donors. Thus, they build relationships with you rather than an outside consultant.

After you’ve talked to your donors, your Toolkit Advisor will help you prepare and present a report for your board that assesses the real potential of your campaign.

Guided Feasibility Studies are Effective and Affordable

But they aren’t for everyone.

Answer these three questions to see if this approach is right for you:

  1. Do you have a clear plan and a compelling case?
  2. Have you identified the donors most likely to make the top gifts to your campaign?
  3. Are your leaders (ED, DD and board chair) willing to talk to your top donors?

If you’ve answered YES to all three of these questions, then contact us for more information about how a Guided Feasibility Study can work for you.

The results of my Guided Feasibility Study were amazing! I deepened my relationships with my donors. I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of my campaign plans. And by the time I finished the interviews, I had verbal commitments for nearly half of my campaign goal!

Sebastian Ruth

Founder & Artistic Director, Community MusicWorks

Sebastian Ruth

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