The Capital Campaign Toolkit provides virtual expert advising to organizations planning for and executing capital campaigns.

In our role as Campaign Advisors, we work with all kinds of organizations — theatre companies, private schools, humane shelters, museums, social services organizations, churches, day care centers, symphony orchestras and many others.

Most of our clients are in the process of planning and raising money for a new facility. And many of them are not only passionate and committed to their projects, they are also very smart and savvy. They learn about capital campaigns fundraising from us, but we also learn from them.

Keep Your Board and Committees Informed with Simple Email Updates

Two of my advising clients have impressed me with the way they communicate with their leadership groups.

Every Friday, these two leaders send a simple but well-written email to the people on their boards and steering committees reviewing the events and work that has been done in the prior week. The emails have clear headings and bullets. They are written in a simple and direct style aimed to report on progress.

7 Advantages of Weekly Email Updates

These “Weekly Updates” serve a number of purposes:

  1. They let people know what’s happening
  2. They build steady momentum
  3. They recognize staff members and volunteers
  4. They itemize important meetings
  5. They summarize important bits of news
  6. They make it easy for people to respond with questions or comments
  7. They dispel the worry that not much is going on

Your Board and Committees Gain Confidence in the Project

Because the emails come every week, they build confidence among board members that the project is moving forward. Without them, it’s easy for people who are not so immediately involved to wonder whether anything is happening.

When there’s a communications vacuum, it’s all too easy to imagine that nothing is happening at all.

With thanks to our Clients, Rich Boccia, Executive Director of Mammoth Lakes Foundation and Adam Smith, the Executive Director of the Comic-Con Museum, for establishing an excellent model for communicating about their work week after week.

Take a page out of Rich’s and Adam’s book. Start sending a weekly update email to your most important leaders. It’ll set the tone for a successful campaign.

Apply for a Free Campaign Strategy Session

If you’re planning a campaign, be sure to apply for a Free Campaign Strategy Session with one of the Campaign Toolkit expert advisors. It’s a great opportunity to discuss your campaign goals with one of our experts.


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