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As you prepare for a capital campaign, you may wrestle with whether to hire a consultant. And, you might be wondering how to do so.

If you’ve never held a capital campaign before, you may have the misguided view that a consultant will take the reins and actually conduct and manage your campaign. However, this is a major, but common, misconception!

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Are you ready to discover how a capital campaign consultant can help your team and how to hire one? Or, if a consultant doesn’t seem to meet your needs, the other resources that can better fill that gap?

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What do capital campaign consultants truly do?

What do capital campaign consultants do?

Some nonprofit professionals assume that a capital campaign consultant will join the campaign, create a strategy, and carry out this plan to success. That’s not the case!

With the exception of the few firms that actually place staff members in your campaign development office, consultants don’t actually do the work. This means campaign consultants don’t:

  • Solicit gifts.
  • Identify donors who will give to your campaign.
  • Recruit volunteers.
  • Create campaign brochures.
  • Track gifts.

Even when you pay a consultant a significant amount of money, you’ll find that you and your staff are still doing the work for the campaign.

So, what do consultants do? And how can they make a difference? Continue reading to find out.

These are the services a capital campaign consultant will offer.

How a Capital Campaign Consultant Can Actually Help Your Team

Capital campaign consultants aren’t third-party, embedded managers— they’re consultants. They provide valuable consulting services, giving their professional input to help guide your organization to success. While they give suggestions to your organization, it’s up to you whether to act on it or not!

This breaks down the services of a capital campaign consultant.

Let’s explore some of the specific services consultants may provide:

  • Direction and strategic planning. With a birds-eye, expert-informed view of your campaign, a consultant can map a path to success for your team to carry out.
  • Conducting feasibility studies. This is one service consultants are well-known for, conducting and presenting your team with the results of a feasibility study.
  • Training your leadership team. If you don’t feel like your leadership team is fully prepared, a consultant can step in and bring your key players up to speed, in addition to solicitation training for your entire committee and board.
  • Maintaining your timeline. A capital campaign consultant will check in with your team regularly to ensure that tasks are completed and goals are met on time.
  • Solving problems. Capital campaigns aren’t totally linear, and your consultant will step in to brainstorm creative solutions to setbacks.

The real value in hiring a capital campaign consultant is in having an outside expert to help with your plan and strategy, as well as keep you on track and accountable. If that’s what your organization is seeking, read on!

Learn more about these services and the various components of capital campaigns with our comprehensive FAQ guide.

This section contains tips for hiring a capital campaign consultant.

Hiring a Capital Campaign Consultant

After exploring how a capital campaign consultant will (and won’t) assist your campaign, you may be considering hiring one. Consultants can be invaluable when it comes to giving you and your board members the confidence you need to proceed and the experience to keep you on track.

However, hiring a capital campaign consultant needs to be a careful decision as they can have quite an impact on your biggest fundraising effort. With that in mind, let’s explore the 4 key qualities you should look for in a great capital campaign consultant: Experience, Discipline, Direction, and Courage.

Capital campaign consultants should have these 4 essential qualities.

4 Important Qualities of Great Capital Campaign Consultants

1. Experience

Consultants worth hiring have a great deal of campaign experience. They know what works and what doesn’t, and through years of practice, they’ve developed an unerring sense of what organizations need to be successful.

Experienced consultants have seen all sorts of campaign challenges and successes alike. This has given them a treasure trove of examples and solutions that they can directly apply to your campaign.

Your consultant should speak with the kind of authority that makes people sit up and listen— an authority that’s earned with deep experience. This helps them mitigate different viewpoints among your campaign’s leadership and get your board and staff members moving in the same direction.

2. Discipline

A paid outside consultant should bring a sense of discipline to you and your campaign.

In a busy development environment, there’s seldom time to get all of the work done. And when there’s no set deadline,  it’s all too easy to push off campaign work. A capable consultant should provide these deadlines and accountability.

Consultants should schedule meetings with you well in advance, giving you ample time and information to help you prepare for them. Many consultants know full-well that the day or two before the meeting, you’ll be scrambling to get the expected work done.

Further, they may even check in with you between meetings to make sure you’re on track and that any questions are answered. Or, they may simply check in to provide a bit of encouragement!

3. Direction

As we’ve seen, a consultant will provide a roadmap for your campaign.

However, most campaigns require flexibility along the way. It’s rare that every single plan, scheduled out years in advance, will go exactly as expected! Your consultant should be ready to help you adjust your campaign plan to fit the on-the-ground realities of fundraising.

If the big gifts come in more slowly than expected, they should help you adjust expectations. And, if an unexpectedly large lead gift comes in, your consultant should advise you on how to shift your campaign to make the most of your windfall.

4. Courage

Lastly, but most certainly not least, your consultant should give you courage.

With a good consultant, you don’t have to make the big, scary decisions on your own. Instead, you’ll have a comrade in arms to discuss strategies with, to provide external insight, and to help you make the right decisions.

Now, after discussing the key qualities to keep in mind when researching potential partners for your campaign, let’s break down the process of hiring a capital campaign consultant.

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This is the hiring process for capital campaign consultants.

How To Hire a Capital Campaign Consultant

While researching and hiring a capital campaign consultant will look different for every nonprofit, there are a few common threads that occur in the experience.

When hiring a consultant, you’ll likely follow the following general steps:

  1. Decide to hire outside assistance. While consulting is heavily associated with capital campaigns, there is a wide variety of outside help available. It’s important to get your entire team on board for bringing in a consultant before beginning your search to prevent resistance down the line.
  2. Research consultants and begin conversations with your top picks. Consult peers in your sector, past clients of the consultant, and your team when narrowing down a list of candidates. Then, begin a values- and experienced-based conversation to truly discover the best fit for your organization.
  3. Interview the top 3 candidates. Along with your core committee, interview your top candidates. Ask questions about how they would approach your campaign, what services they would recommend, and how they work. Ask them to submit a proposal for your review.
  4. Finally, choose a consultant for your campaign. In this final step, you’ll review proposals and the consultant’s references. You’ll outline the terms of your agreement with one consultant and after signing, you’ll have a partner secured.

While this may seem like a lot of research, discussion, and preparation, it’s worth it! You don’t want to make the mistake of partnering with someone who doesn’t align with your values and can’t provide the help you need. After all, capital campaign consultants can be expensive and you’re hiring one for what might be your biggest fundraising effort yet.

NOTE: Do NOT submit a request for proposal (RFP). Many organizations believe they should prepare an RFP. Preparing an RFP is a mistake — busy consultants rarely reply to RFP’s and believe them to be useless fishing expeditions. Not only that, most RFP’s, while well-intentioned, do not get to the heart of the matter. They encourage canned responses, and do not enable a consultant to explain how they would tackle your campaign.

Now, here is one more important aspect we need to discuss in regards to hiring a consultant.

Does your campaign even need a capital campaign consultant?

Let’s find out.

Should you hire a capital campaign consultant?

Do you need a capital campaign consultant?

At the Capital Campaign Toolkit, we know how powerful great consultants can be — we’ve been campaign consultants for many years.

However, that doesn’t mean we think that full-service consulting with a capital campaign consultant is the best option for all campaigns.

While providing valuable expertise, capital campaign consultants are often expensive, have less of an impact than many think, and do tasks that we believe many nonprofit professionals can handle on their own. They consult, but they certainly don’t run your entire campaign!

What we’ve found is that on-site consulting is much less of a necessity than you may think.

With the Toolkit, we’ve created a more efficient and effective way to empower you with the resources, strategy, and support you’d get from a traditional campaign consultant— and, at less than half the price.

Consider using The Capital Campaign Toolkit rather than partnering with a capital campaign consultant.

Rather Than Consultants, The Capital Campaign Toolkit

At Capital Campaign Toolkit, we’ve taken full advantage of the remarkable technologies available today — including easy access to online material and video conferencing software— to provide the experience, discipline, direction, and courage you need to run an effective campaign.

Our toolkit includes:

  • A guided feasibility study that empowers you to interview key stakeholders and build relationships with your donors.
  • An organized, customizable capital campaign plan, broken out into seven step-by-step phases to help you stay on track.
  • Templates, checklists, assessments, and worksheets prevent important details from falling to the wayside.
  • A team of expert campaign advisors to provide all the support, guidance, advice, and confidence you need.

With the Toolkit, you have all the tools, resources, support and guidance you need to run a capital campaign. Through the Toolkit you and your campaign leaders have access to our experienced campaign advisors through email, phone and video conferencing. No longer do you have to pay for travel and long days on-site as with traditional consultants — our advisors are simply a click or a phone call away when a question arises during your campaign.

To learn more about how you can get the kind of expertise you need for your campaign, simply apply for a free strategy session. We’ll learn more about your situation and determine how you can get what you need for your campaign at a fraction of the cost.

In the meantime, explore these additional capital campaign resources to further your campaign:

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