Get Ready to Ask
for Gifts

There’s no substitute for knowing how to ask for gifts successfully. Your campaign depends on it.

Solicitation Training

Ultimately, the success of your capital campaign is going to come down to how well your team asks for gifts. Solicitation training can help you and your team master this pivotal skill.

Solicitation Training
A primary fundraising skill – particularly for capital campaigns – is being good at asking for gifts.
Practice Solicitation Training

Practice Essential Asking Techniques

Not only should you, your key staff members and fundraising volunteers understand and practice essential asking techniques, but your team should brush up their skills often and have ample opportunities to practice.

The more practice you have, the better you’ll get, the more confident and comfortable you’ll feel, and the more successful you will be.

Lively, Interactive, Engaging, Fun… and Virtual

Train your fundraising team to ask for gifts. In three hours, they’ll develop skills that will make them comfortable and confident when asking for gifts. Learn new skills and brush up old ones.

Virtual Solicitation Training
  • Learn how to get ready to ask
  • Master a unique and effective asking model
  • Make the case in the right way for you
  • Follow up with confidence


$2,450 for Non-Members

Toolkit members get 20% off

What’s Included:

  • 3 Hour Virtual Training for your team
  • Downloadable Asking Workbook
  • Solicitation Planning Worksheet
  • Several Practice Exercises