Setting the right capital campaign goal for your campaign can be tricky business. You don’t want to set it ridiculously high or you’ll lose credibility right from the start. But you don’t want to set it so low that the project isn’t exciting.

This five minute video will give you the essential ingredients of how to set your campaign goal.

3 Keys to Setting Your Capital Campaign Goal

Here are three things to remember about setting your capital campaign goal.

1. Exciting plans raise more money.

So don’t let your anxiety get the better of you when you set the early working goal for your campaign.

2. Your campaign will include more than the cost of a new building.

Be sure you make a comprehensive list of all the things you will have to spend money on to bring your project to completion.

3. You can include endowment in your campaign goal in two ways.

Some portion of it may come in through gifts of cash and short-term pledges. But chances are the larger component of your endowment will be the result of estate gifts.

Watch the video above for more details.

Excellent Tools for Helping You Set Your Campaign Goal

In the Capital Campaign Toolkit, you’ll find a number of documents, spreadsheets and instructions that’ll make it easy for you to develop your capital campaign goal.

In addition, you can sign up here to get an excellent FREE Step-by-Step Guide and Campaign Timeline.

Capital Campaign Toolkit Checklist


Signing up also gives you access to a webinar that will give you loads more useful information. Sign up now!

Capital Campaign Quick Tips: Your Questions Answered

Do you have questions about setting your campaign goal? Or perhaps another question related to capital campaigns?

Please ask your questions in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to answer them here and they might even make their way into future installments of Capital Campaign Quick Tips.


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