Powerful Campaign Innovations: Check Out the Nonprofit NBA Podcast

What are the telltale signs that an organization is ready to blow a capital campaign out of the water? Should you celebrate your organization’s upcoming anniversary with a capital campaign? How have nonprofits adapted their campaigns to the challenges of COVID?

Andrea Kihlstedt, co-founder of the Capital Campaign Toolkit, recently joined Stephen Halasnick, host of The Nonprofit MBA Podcast and co-founder of Financing Solutions, to answer these questions and chat about all things capital campaigns.

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In this conversation, we discussed a few critical topics that we’ve seen make or break nonprofit capital campaigns:

  • The importance of working out a clear vision and purpose for your campaign
  • The need for strategic planning and an understanding of how campaigns do and don’t fit into your broader annual fundraising goals
  • Addressing structural concerns and board engagement issues before moving ahead with a campaign
  • The value of strong leadership, both internally and externally through expert guidance

Capital campaigns can completely change how small nonprofits operate. They just take the right preparation, vision, and coaching.

We believe that organizations of all sizes should be empowered to consider and launch campaigns of their own, so we always love getting the opportunity to spread the word — thanks, Stephen, for a great conversation!

For more capital campaign insights and chats with fundraising experts, check out our podcast, All About Capital Campaigns, and sign up to attend our weekly Toolkit Talks. These town-hall sessions with Amy and Andrea are completely free and open to the public. We hope to see you there!