Become a Confident Major Gift Fundraiser

When it comes to major gift fundraising, the more confident and comfortable you are, the more money you will raise. Period.

Major Gift Fundraising Coaching

Like so many development directors, major gift fundraising undoubtedly makes you anxious…

  • You dream about raising bigger gifts, and worry you never will.
  • You endlessly research prospects to avoid the dreaded “ask.”
  • You often think that you may not be cut out for this sort of work.

We understand. But you’d be surprised how much progress you can make with some expert coaching.

Executive Fundraising Coaching
Put your worries aside. You’ve already got what it takes to raise major gifts. You just need the support to unlock it.
Supporting CEO’s in their work as Chief Fundraisers

You’re Stuck and You Know You Need Help

You want to hone your skills and conquer your anxiety. But you can’t go to your staff or board for help. After all, you’re supposed to know this stuff. And in truth, you do understand what it takes. What you need is structure and guidance.

Major gift fundraising is more important than ever! Let us help you become a great major gift fundraiser. Your confidence will soar!

Coaching in Today’s World

Twenty years ago, only professional athletes had coaches. But now you can work with a coach to help polish your fundraising skills. If you want to get really good at raising big gifts, major gift coaching can help you go the distance.

Coaching in Today’s World


$1750 per month (3-month minimum)

What’s Included:

  • Customized Major Gift Plan
    developed to fit your needs
  • Two Individual Video Calls
    to discuss prospect meetings
  • Email Access to Your Coach
    when you have a question
  • Peer Support Calls
    to build your confidence