Build Your Campaign Consulting Practice with the Right Tools

Building a capital campaign consulting business is like climbing a mountain … one misstep, one failed campaign, can spell disaster. But when you’re properly equipped, you can build a thriving practice and reach your business goals.

Introducing the Capital Campaign Toolkit for Consultants
Created by Andrea Kihlstedt and Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

Is This What’s Going Through Your Head?

You want to build a successful campaign consulting practice. Organizations need campaign consultants and you’ve been through a campaign or two.

But your campaign experience is limited. And you’re wondering if it’s enough. You get a bit anxious when you think about it.

  • Do you have enough experience to sell yourself as an expert?
  • Do you have the material you need to do an effective feasibility study?
  • Do you wonder where you’ll be able to turn for expert advice?

How can you develop a successful consulting practice when you’re unsure of so many things?

Your Success is On the Line

What if you can’t get the right clients?
What if your clients aren’t successful?

What if you’re simply not confident enough to sell your campaign consulting services convincingly?

With some campaign clients on the horizon, you don’t want to have to figure it all out on your own.

And when you’re selling yourself as the expert, there’s no obvious place to turn to get the information and models you need to guide a campaign client.

Look Like a Pro, But Quaking Inside?

If you feel a bit like a fraud, you’re not alone. Lots of consultants do!

You’ve got lots of experience in the field, but that’s different from being a consultant and you know you’re treading on thin ice.

On top of that, you know that if your clients’ campaigns aren’t successful, you will have trouble getting more work.

You need to equip yourself NOW — so that you have everything you need to steer — your clients in the right direction.

Your Consulting Business MUST Succeed

That’s Where We Come In

I’m Andrea Kihlstedt, a former campaign consultant of 30 years and one of the world’s leading capital campaign experts. I wrote THE book on campaigns — Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work, now in its 4th edition.

I’m Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE. I’ve raised millions of dollars through capital campaigns in my 20 years as a development director and consultant. You may be familiar with my online course, Mastering Major Gifts or my book, Major Gifts for Small Shops.

With the Capital Campaign Toolkit for Consultants, we’ll give you the tools you need to build a successful consulting practice.

Build Your Consulting Practice with Confidence!

You’ll have the tools and templates you need to tackle every step.

  • Identify the right clients.
  • Guide a campaign from soup to nuts.
  • Conduct a feasibility study.
  • Design and facilitate a board retreat.
  • Develop the materials your clients will need.
  • Use effective business practices.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel – It’s all provided for you.

Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say about the Toolkit

Susan Schnase

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

“With organizations all over the United States, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America is always looking for innovative and useful ways to help prepare CEO’s, fundraisers, and Boards to succeed. Capital Campaigns are a unique opportunity and a special challenge. After years of reading and recommending their books, we finally have something “next level” to recommend. We’ve been looking for a resource just like this one! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know that Club organizations across the country will benefit from this fresh, informed, and practical approach.”

Brian Saber

Asking Matters

“The Capital Campaign Toolkit is a game changer for our field. This amazing tool will allow organizations of every size to competently and confidently embark on special fundraising efforts on their own and without breaking the bank. My hats are off to Andrea and Amy for creating this incredible all-in-one tool. Every step, every form, every detail has been thought through masterfully!”

Capital Campaign Toolkit for Consultants — What’s Inside

18 Tools to Build Your Consulting Practice

  • An outline of the specific consulting services you can provide
  • Best practice on how to market your services
  • A detailed guide about conducting a feasibility study
  • How to manage meetings, assess readiness and train boards

125+ Capital Campaign Tools

  • Includes more than 125 templates, checklists, worksheets and more
  • Everything you’ll need to accomplish each step of your campaign
  • Downloadable text to copy, paste and adapt for your campaign
  • Practical, usable and targeted material for each campaign phase
  • Customizable job descriptions, committee agendas, budget worksheets and more

7 Step-by-Step Comprehensive Guides

  • Detailed instructions for every step of your campaign, including worksheets, board exercises, job descriptions, policies, checklists and more
  • In-depth guides that lead you through every key decision of your campaign
  • Clear and simple instructions for each and every step
  • Organized in an easy-to-follow format, from the first step to the last

A Complete Roadmap for Your Campaign

  • Carefully-planned directions organized into 7 distinct phases
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions for each phase
  • Detailed timelines and Gantt charts for your campaign
  • Ready-to-use materials to share with your board and campaign committee
  • The tools you need for each phase, precisely when you need them

All the Campaign Planning Documents You Need

  • Campaign budget, timeline and policies
  • Staffing job descriptions and expectations
  • Donor recognition plan
  • Case for support outline
  • Gift range chart and depth chart formats

Answers to Your Questions

  • Email an expert consultant and get a prompt response
  • Ask your questions in a private Facebook group for consultants
  • Jump in on regular office hours with organizations in campaigns
  • Get confidential advice about challenges you’re having with clients
  • Help is never more than a click away

Listing in the Consultants Roster

  • Market your services to nonprofit Toolkit members
  • Link your homepage to the Consultants Roster
  • Serve as an expert in the private Facebook group for nonprofits

Here’s What Clients Say

“Andrea Kihlstedt is one of the most recognized authorities on campaigns. She truly understands best practices and knows exactly how a successful and ethical campaign should be run.”

Timothy M. Winkler Sr., CFRE
CEO, Winkler Group

Get A Sneak Peek Inside The Toolkit

Step-by-Step Guide

The toolkit is divided into seven campaign phases, plus a special section for consultants. Each of the campaign sections has a specific step-by-step guide to lead you through that phase. They create a roadmap for you to use with your clients. The eighth section has been designed specifically for consultants and is not available to organizations.

Overview Videos

Each phase begins with a recorded video by Andrea and Amy in which they review the concepts that shape that phase and then touch on what’s most important about each step.

Checklists, Forms, Samples and More

Step-by-step guides are accompanied by tested campaign tools – download and tailor them to your needs. You’ll find more than 125 items to help you guide your clients’ campaigns.

Unlimited Access

You’ll have unlimited access to the materials for three years, the entirety of your campaign. During that time, you’ll also receive any updates and additions to the material.

Private Facebook Group

You’ll have access to two private Facebook groups — one for nonprofits that are using the toolkit material. The other is just for campaign consultants who are using the material. You’ll benefit from regular input from Andrea, Amy and other experts.

Office Hour Calls

When questions come up about your consulting practice or your clients, you’ll be able to join our Consultants calls to ask your questions to other campaign consultants. You’ can discuss your situation live with experts.

Q&A Email Hotline

You’ll also be able to pose your questions directly to our campaign experts through email. Your questions will be answered within three days (and often sooner).

Consultants Roster

Last but not least, your firm will be listed in the Consultants Directory with a link directly to your website. This Roster will be available to all organizations who have purchased the Toolkit and may be looking for consultants.

Let’s Get Real For A Moment…

Your consulting practice is too important for guessing. The stakes are too high. It’s your livelihood we’re talking about!

Even if you’ve been a capital campaign consultant for a while, you may wish you had a complete set of campaign material to adapt and use with your clients.

And capital campaign consulting is one endeavor where too little information is plumb dangerous. You need to know as much as you can right from the start, so you can truly be the expert! That’s what your clients will pay you for.

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Ensure the success of your campaign consulting practice TODAY!

Along with the Capital Campaign Toolkit, You’ll also get access to these invaluable bonuses…

6’ x 3’ Campaign Planner Wall Chart

This large 3’ x 6’ wall chart will be a powerful and important planning tool for your client campaigns. Have it printed at your local copy shop, take it to the wall and gather your client’s key staff and volunteers together to map out their campaign.

Step-by-Step Checklist

Use this checklist that combines every step in every phase of your campaigns to keep track of where your clients are in the entire campaign process. Use this with the big planning chart to help your clients know where they are and where they are going.

Campaign Readiness Assessment

This short assessment, developed by the experts at Capital Campaign Masters, will be useful in helping your clients determine what they need to do to get ready for a campaign.

Yes, I’m READY to build my successful capital campaign consulting practice!

Have Questions?

Who is this toolkit for?
If you are a capital campaign consultant and you would like to have a full set of campaign materials that you can rebrand, adapt and use with your clients, then this toolkit is for you.

And if you are considering expanding your consulting practice to include campaigns, then this toolkit is for you too. This toolkit combines the materials you can adapt and use in your campaigns with materials about essential consulting skills and practices. If that would help you develop your consulting business and feel more confident, then you want these tools.

Who is this toolkit NOT for?
This toolkit is not for consultants who know little or nothing about fundraising. The toolkit has been developed for experienced fundraising professionals who wish to include capital campaigns as a part of their consulting practice.
Will your clients purchase the toolkit too?
Some consultants encourage their clients to purchase the toolkit. They often include it in their consulting fee. In that case, both you and your clients will be working from the same playbook. But other consultants share the tools with their clients throughout the campaign, rebranding the material for their firm. It’s your choice.
How long will you have access to the toolkit?
The initial price of the toolkit will give you access for three years. During that time, you will be alerted to all of the additional material that is added to the toolkit and you will have a listing in the Consultants Directory and access to the support programs. At the end of that period, you will be able to renew your subscription for a fraction of the cost of the original investment.
How do I access the recordings and material?
All of the material will be easy to access on the Capital Campaign Toolkit for Consultants website. Log on from any device. All you need is your email address and password.
How can I afford this toolkit?
The toolkit has been priced to give you everything you need at a fraction of the price you will charge a campaign client. You will use the toolkit material with client after client, with no additional expense. The investment you make when you purchase the toolkit will be paid back, and then some, with your first client contract.
Can I really get my money back, guaranteed?
Yes! But only for the first seven days after purchase.

Look through the material, and if you’re not convinced the toolkit will be essential to you as you build your consulting practice, we will give you your money back. Guaranteed!

Will I have personal access to Amy and Andrea?
Yes, Amy and Andrea will participate actively in the private Facebook group, in regular officer hours and answering questions on the email hotline.

More questions?

Email support@capitalcampaigntoolkit.com or call (201)970-9766

More Feedback From Our Clients

Brian Holmes

Xponential Fundraising

“This comprehensive on-line toolkit for capital campaigns is excellent. It’s well-laid out, thorough, and easy to use. The tools are first rate. It’s an excellent in-house guide for any organization starting a capital campaign. We’re looking forward to bringing it to our clients.”

Dr. Regina Peter

Executive Director, Newmark Education

“I love the Capital Campaign Toolkit! You have made campaigns simple and easy to understand. I wish I had it when we had our $11 million campaign.”

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Get Started For Only
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Save $885 With A
One-Time Payment Of


Money-Back Guarantee

You have to take enough risks in life, and buying this toolkit shouldn’t be one of them.

So take a look at the toolkit risk-free for 7 days. Examine the material carefully. If within 7 days you decide it’s not what you need, we’ll be happy to refund your entire investment (no questions asked).

What Would a Successful Consulting Business Mean For You?


You’ll know what to do, and how and when to do it.

You’ll have the materials you need to share with your clients at every step.

You’ll guide your clients through each phase of their campaigns.

You’ll know the best practices that many other consultants use with their clients.

You’ll be confident in your ability to be a trusted expert who can guide clients through successful capital campaigns.

Ensure Your Campaign Consulting Success TODAY!

A capital campaign consulting practice can transform your life, building your income while you help organizations at a critically important time.

But only if it’s successful.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Get Started For Only
6 Payments Of


Save $885 With A
One-Time Payment Of


"Wow. The Capital Campaign Toolkit takes the mystery out of running a capital campaign. Whether you're looking at doing a capital campaign by yourself or with a consultant, you'll want to get all the tools included here. I've been through 18 campaigns and wish I'd had these templates and this step-by-step guide!"

Marc A. Pitman, CFCC
The Concord Leadership Group

Your Campaign is Too Important to Fail

Why gamble when so much money is on the line?

The Capital Campaign Toolkit for Consultants has everything you need to propel your successful capital campaign consulting business to the next level.

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