Introducing the Capital Campaign Toolkit

With the Capital Campaign Toolkit, you won’t need a traditional campaign consultant to show you the way. The Toolkit has you covered.

Explore the Toolkit

Take a sneak peek inside the Toolkit. This 4-minute video provides a quick overview of how the Toolkit works.

What is the Toolkit?

The Capital Campaign Toolkit is an online support system for nonprofit leaders to run successful capital campaigns. You get all the tools, templates, and guidance you need — without breaking the bank.

More Than Tools and Templates

When you sign up for any Toolkit plan, you work virtually with experienced campaign advisors. They help guide your campaign every step of the way.

Capital Campaign Toolkit - A Virtual Support System
  • Identify those big essential campaign gifts
  • Recruit the right campaign leaders
  • Create a winning case for support
  • Develop persuasive campaign materials
  • Build confidence soliciting major gifts
  • Engage your board members to help
Thomas G. Lengel

The Capital Campaign Toolkit is fabulous! It’s full of practical and useful resources that we’ve referenced often with our board, and that we’ve adapted for our own use. I recommend the Toolkit to any organization that is thinking about launching a capital campaign. The value it provides can’t be beat!

Thomas G. Lengel

Head of School, Holy Child School at Rosemont

The 3 Pillars of Your Toolkit Experience
The 3 Pillars of Your Toolkit Experience

3 Levels of Support

Choose the plan that’s right for your organization

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All Plans Include…

Group Advising Calls — Join weekly video calls led by our campaign experts to explore strategies with other nonprofit leaders.

Private Facebook Group — Connect with like-minded peers, pose your questions, and participate in group discussions.

24/7 Email Support — Get your specific campaign questions answered quickly via our dedicated support address.

Choose the level of support you need, when you need it — you can change your plan at any time.

The Toolkit has been an awesome resource for our team as we plan for our campaign. In addition to the expertise and support we get from our advisor through video calls, we’ve been thrilled that every time we need a particular form template, sample job description, or other example, we find it in the Toolkit.

Sebastian Ruth

Founder & Artistic Director, Community MusicWorks

Sebastian Ruth

Tools for Every Phase

You’ll find all necessary worksheets, templates, agendas, and samples for each phase of your campaign.

1: Pre-Campaign Planning
Phase 1: Pre-Campaign Planning

  • Readiness Assessment Worksheet
  • Core Committee Job Description and Meeting Agenda
  • Working Goal Worksheet
  • Gift Range Chart Template and Sample
  • How to Identify Lead Gift Prospects Worksheet
  • Depth Chart Template and Sample
  • How to Develop a Case for Support Template

Plus more tools!

2: Feasibility Study
Phase 2:  Feasibility

  • Feasibility Study Preparation Checklist
  • Committee Job Description and Sample Meeting Agendas
  • How to Select a Consultant Worksheet
  • Sample Interview Questions Worksheet
  • Selecting the Right Interviewees Guidelines
  • Interpreting Results Guidelines
  • Board Report Template

Plus more tools!

3: Planning Phase
Phase 3: Planning

  • Gift Range Chart Sample
  • Donor Recognition Plan Template and Sample
  • Sample Policies Questionnaire and Sample
  • Committee Structure Template
  • Budget and Timeline Worksheets
  • Campaign Leadership Job Descriptions
  • Development Office Assessment and Guidelines
  • Communications Plan Template and Sample

Plus more tools!

4: Quiet Phase
Phase 4: Quiet

  • Prospect Strategy Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Solicitation Materials Guidelines
  • Pledge Form Templates and Samples
  • Bequest Intention Form Sample
  • Solicitation Training Exercises
  • Board Solicitation Guidelines
  • Solicitation Strategy Worksheet

Plus more tools!

5: Campaign Kick-Off
Phase 5: Kick-Off

  • Committee Job Description and Agenda
  • Sample Guest Experience Worksheet
  • Event Planning Worksheet
  • Case for Support Guidelines
  • Campaign Goal Worksheet
  • Campaign Brochure Guidelines
  • Public Relations Worksheet
  • Kick Off Checklist

Plus more tools!

6: Public Phase
Phase 6: Public

  • Communications Strategy Worksheet
  • Close the Gap (to Goal) Strategy Worksheet
  • How to Solicit Mid-Level Donors Guidelines
  • Report to Board Template and Sample
  • How to Solicit the Base Worksheet

Plus more tools!

7: Post-Campaign Phase
Phase 7: Post-Campaign

  • Pledge Samples and Guidelines
  • Campaign Report Template
  • Campaign Evaluation Guidelines
  • Stewardship Worksheet and Checklist
  • End of Campaign Celebration Checklist

Plus more tools!

Each tool is provided in Microsoft Word or Excel, as well as a PDF. Download and tailor documents to your organization. Add your logo and make any changes you wish to seamlessly fit your campaign.

Amanda Roberts

The Capital Campaign Toolkit provided our whole fundraising team a detailed roadmap to conduct a well-organized campaign. Our staff and volunteers increased their confidence and skills in preparation and implementation – and that made all the difference!

Amanda Roberts

Foundation Director, White River Health System

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