Toolkit Features

The Capital Campaign Toolkit gives you a master plan for your campaign, plus the associated templates, worksheets, step-by-step guides, planning resources, other tools and SUPPORT you need to walk you through your campaign, from start to finish.

Login from any device and select the tool you need, when you need it.

Guide Your Capital Campaign with Confidence

You’ll have the tools, templates, guidance, and support you need to tackle every step:

  • Identify those big critical gifts
  • Recruit the right campaign leaders
  • Develop spot-on campaign materials
  • Build your confidence in soliciting major gifts
  • Motivate and inspire your board members to help

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel — EVERYTHING is provided for you.

Step-By-Step Plan and Timeline

The Toolkit is divided into seven campaign phases. Each phase has a specific step-by-step guide to lead you through that phase. Together, these seven guides form a complete roadmap for your campaign.

Support, Guidance and Accountability

While some organizations use the Toolkit without additional support, we recommend combining the Toolkit with expert campaign coaching and support. We have options for individual and group support.

Choose the level of support you need, when you need it — you can change your support level at any time.

Individual Advising

An expert campaign advisor will be assigned to you and your leadership team (executive director, development director, and key board members) for bi-monthly coaching calls. Plus, you will have unlimited access to your advisor via email and phone, for questions that arise between scheduled calls. Your advisor will provide the expert guidance and accountability you need to follow the Toolkit’s master plan.

Group Support

Weekly mastermind calls will help you stay accountable, get your questions answered, gain confidence and learn new campaign strategies. Campaign experts will be available to you on these calls throughout the year. Log-in for weekly group video calls every week or as often as you can.

Email Helpline

You’ll also be able to pose your questions directly to campaign experts through email. Your questions will be answered within 48 business hours (and often sooner).

Private Facebook Group

Connect with like-minded peers, pose your campaign questions and participate in group discussions. You’ll benefit from regular input from Andrea, Amy and other campaign experts.

Tools, Resources, Templates and More

Here are some examples of the tools, resources, templates, job descriptions, meeting agendas, sample documents, and more included in each phase:

Phase 1: Pre-Campaign Planning

Phase 1: Pre-Campaign Planning

  • Readiness Assessment Worksheet
  • Core Committee Job Description and Meeting Agenda
  • Working Goal Worksheet
  • Gift Range Chart Template and Sample
  • How to Identify Lead Gift Prospects Worksheet
  • Depth Chart Template and Sample
  • How to Develop a Case for Support Template
  • Plus more tools!
Phase 2: Feasibility

Phase 2:  Feasibility

  • Feasibility Study Preparation Checklist
  • Committee Job Description and Sample Meeting Agendas
  • How to Select a Consultant Worksheet
  • Sample Interview Questions Worksheet
  • Selecting the Right Interviewees Guidelines
  • Interpreting Results Guidelines
  • Board Report Template
  • Plus more tools!
Phase 3: Planning

Phase 3: Planning

  • Gift Range Chart Sample
  • Donor Recognition Plan Template and Sample
  • Sample Policies Questionnaire and Sample
  • Committee Structure Template
  • Budget and Timeline Worksheets
  • Campaign Leadership Job Descriptions
  • Development Office Assessment and Guidelines
  • Communications Plan Template and Sample
  • Plus more tools!
Phase 4: Quiet

Phase 4: Quiet

  • Prospect Strategy Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Solicitation Materials Guidelines
  • Pledge Form Templates and Samples
  • Bequest Intention Form Sample
  • Solicitation Training Exercises
  • Board Solicitation Guidelines
  • Solicitation Strategy Worksheet
  • Plus more tools!
Phase 5: Kick-Off

Phase 5: Kick-Off

  • Committee Job Description and Agenda
  • Sample Guest Experience Worksheet
  • Event Planning Worksheet
  • Case for Support Guidelines
  • Campaign Goal Worksheet
  • Campaign Brochure Guidelines
  • Public Relations Worksheet
  • Kick Off Checklist
  • Plus more tools!
Phase 6: Public

Phase 6: Public

  • Communications Strategy Worksheet
  • Close the Gap (to Goal) Strategy Worksheet
  • How to Solicit Mid-Level Donors Guidelines
  • Report to Board Template and Sample
  • How to Solicit the Base Worksheet
  • Plus more tools!
Phase 7: Post-Campaign

Phase 7: Post-Campaign

  • Pledge Samples and Guidelines
  • Campaign Report Template
  • Campaign Evaluation Guidelines
  • Stewardship Worksheet and Checklist
  • End of Campaign Celebration Checklist
  • Plus more tools!

Each tool is provided in Microsoft Word or Excel, as well as a PDF. Download and tailor documents to your specific organization. Add your logo and make any changes you wish to seamlessly fit your campaign.

Susan Schnase

Susan Schnase

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

With organizations all over the United States, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America is always looking for innovative and useful ways to help prepare CEO’s, fundraisers, and Boards to succeed. For years, we’ve been looking for a resource just like this one!

Barbara Ziegler

Barbara Ziegler

Stepping Stone Communities

Wow! The Capital Campaign Toolkit exceeds all expectations. This is our first campaign, and using the Capital Campaign Toolkit we raised 60% of our goal in just three weeks! This Toolkit has already saved us thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

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