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Who is this for?

If you’re an Executive Director or Development Director and your organization is heading into a capital campaign, the Capital Campaign Toolkit is for you. It's designed specifically for people who have hands-on responsibility for planning and leading a capital campaign. If that’s you, the Toolkit will be invaluable.

How do I decide on the right level of support?

Our team is eager to speak with you and help you decide which level of support is right for you and your campaign. Click here to register for a free strategy session with one of our campaign experts.

How do I access the recordings, coaching calls, and materials?

All the materials are easily accessible on the Capital Campaign Toolkit website. Log on from any device. All you’ll need are your email address and your password. In the “Questions” tab, you'll find a Zoom link (for video conferencing) and call-in number to access all coaching calls.

Does this replace having a consultant?

The Toolkit gives you all the resources a campaign consultant would provide in an easy-to-follow format at a fraction of the price. Combined with the support of one of our expert campaign advisors, the Toolkit will likely provide all the materials and guidance you'll need to make your campaign a success.

How much time will it take?

Your campaign is likely to take three years to complete. You’ll have full access to the Toolkit for as long as you like.

How can I afford the Toolkit?

The Capital Campaign Toolkit and the advising offered with each plan have been affordably priced to give your campaign everything it needs to succeed at a fraction the cost of a full-service consultant. It's an incredible value. Like all campaign expenses, the price of the Toolkit should be included in your campaign budget.

How do the weekly Group Advising calls work?

The weekly group call is an opportunity to share resources and learn from your peers, who are also conducting campaigns. You are invited to attend week after week to learn from one another and build a network of nonprofit leaders around the country.

We are committed to answering as many of your campaign questions as possible during these sessions. However, occasionally, time will run out. If that's ever the case, someone will call you back and/or your question will be answered via email by the very next day.

Will I have personal access to Amy and Andrea?

Yes! Amy and Andrea actively participate on weekly group calls, as well as the private Facebook group. They are typically joined by other campaign experts in answering your questions via email.

What if I don’t like my assigned advisor?

Your success is our success. All of our advisors have extensive capital campaign experience. We assign advisors carefully, however, sometimes the fit simply isn’t right. If your advisor isn’t able to provide what you need, we want to know about it. We will do our best to solve the challenges or pair you with a different advisor.

Requests to switch a campaign advisor must be submitted in writing to support@capitalcampaigntoolkit.com, and the switch will be made as quickly as possible.

How soon can I start?

Immediately! Once you purchase the Toolkit, you’ll get immediate and complete access to all the tools and materials, so you can download them and start working with them today.

Have More Questions?

You can also apply for a free strategy session with one of our campaign experts.

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