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3 Critical Reasons NOT to Have a Capital Campaign

The number one reason to have a capital campaign is that your organization is ready for exponential growth. But what does that mean? Why You Should Have a Capital Campaign Perhaps your programs and services have outgrown your space, or the current space is no longer...

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Do Capital Campaigns Hurt or Strengthen Major Gifts?

Some people worry that major gifts will suffer in the years after a capital campaign. But it’s simply not true! Remember, very few things move in simple straight lines. That’s true of human motivation, growth patterns and yes, even the way people give. Donor Giving...

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Capital Campaigns Work Best When 1 Plus 1 Equals 100

When I was just starting my consulting practice over ten years ago, I read a book about partnerships. It suggested to never form a partnership where 1 + 1 = 2. According to the author, a one-plus-one partnership isn’t worth the headache and heartache -- especially...

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